Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday auto-pilot

I was able to quiz myself on 0-20 Spanish by randomly adding them together and then saying the result. Unfortunately I don't know the word for "equals" yet (nor minus) so I could only add two that didn't result in a number higher than 20. :P It was still fun and Cro knows the numbers as well as I do from listening to me for the last couple of days.

Same meals today other than trying a different type of tuna just to compare. I think I like BumbleBee brand the most but the packet of Chicken of the Sea albacore has one extra gram of protein and a nifty "health" dude on the back of the package.

Last night's vivid dream had me shooting BB's at a guitar thief. I told him to toss the guitar down from the roof of a building he'd tried to escape to. He questioned my demand with a look of "but it will smash". After I shot him with yet another BB he did as I instructed. The guitar fell back to me safely like a leaf.

Meals today total 89 protein and 6 carbs
Bumble Bee albacore tuna in water - [17 protein]
Quest bar (cinnamon) - [2 carbs][20 protein]
chicken breast with edamame [4 carbs][32 protein]
bacon - [20 protein]


  1. I never buy the Bumble Bee because I can't help think about Bumble Bees.
    See? I really am a true blonde!

  2. Anne - a bumblebee stung my forehead when I was a little kid. I can still see it in my mind's eye, slowly-slowly-slowly buzzing through the lazy air. I remember thinking if I stand perfectly still it will mind its own business. NOPE!!! It slowly flew right into my forehead and BANG! Stun the hell out of me. Yeah, I'm scared for life. lol


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