Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 52 begins

I can count to twenty (in Spanish) and Cro quizzed me by randomly saying a number for me to repeat. And I can count down from 20 to cero. Weeee. Pure adrenaline. Oh, that's the pig on the zip line commercial. Cro said he wanted to go down the Indy Super Bowl Village zip line holding pinwheels and saying whee whee wheeeeee! That would have been hilarious.

This small crowd is checking out Monument Circle  a week prior to the Super Bowl. 

Paragraph dos ;). I don't know how to spell in Spanish with complete certainty. One thing at a time. I might ask the night janitor at work Que tal? But then I wouldn't be able to decipher his response. Que tal means "What's happening?"
No idea what went so horribly wrong to cause me to gain six (seis) pounds this week but I do know I just have to keep going and keep watching. Being upset isn't helping anything so with a positive attitude I begin a new week. This week is the last week of a year of this 6strict/1freeday thing I've been doing. I was hoping to cheer a 50 pound loss at the end of one year. That isn't to be but I will cheer that 50 pound loss at a future date. I'm not throwing in the towel.
Today's mealS will be one Quest bar and three small meals of some yet undetermined protein and veggy.

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