Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Year in Retrospect

I began the year at 222 pounds and ended it at 185. I feel much happier but I'd be even more so at 175. My original goal was to lose 50lbs which would have put me at 172. I don't know how I came up with that number but 170 is more even so let's say my goal for the coming year is to lose 15 pounds. Maybe that seems like a small goal but I don't think so. Losing 15 more pounds means that not only have I maintained the original loss for another year but I've improved it. I like to forgot where I really started out but it's time to bring out that memory. I started this journey and this blog in 2008 at 280 pounds. So from 2008 to now I've lost 100 pounds and have managed to be at that 100 pound loss number 4 years later.

Maintaining weight loss is no small feat as proven by how easy it was for me to bounce back up to 222 at the beginning of last year.

Numbers, numbers, numbers. I know it's a bit boring to talk numbers. What I'm really talking about though is keeping this weight off … and that's nothing to take lightly (npi).

I can end 2012 (I might as well make it coincide with the new year rather than my arbitrary start date of Feb 11), if I can end 2012 at 170 I will be dang happy.

Will I continue with the 4HB plan for the coming year? Well I deviated from that right away to add extra rules and to make it low carb. All I can say is that I like what I'm doing right now but there is always room for improvement. I think adding more omega-3 is one of the things that is on my mind (thanks to Anne). Reducing and nearly eliminating dairy from my six strict days has been good so I might keep that one. Low carb is never a bargaining chip and will always be the heart of my efforts. The freeday thing was new for this year and it's working out well. I have modified it some and might continue to shape that one. Right now it's sort of my don't ask-don't tell day as far as the blog goes. What happens on freeday stays on freeday, lol. But seriously it is best when it is only 12 hours and is preceded with a meal of only protein and exercise that makes my muscles sore for a few days.

Here's to the coming year and the next 15 pounds lost! Onward and downward. :)


  1. YAY
    indeed onward and downward!!


  2. Look how far you have come!!! And yay for the skinny jeans!

  3. You had me at More-Mega 3's!
    I think the whole New You is wonderful!
    No small feat at all! Onward and downward!

  4. Thank you girls. That means lots to me.


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