Monday, February 20, 2012

zoom goes the day

Monday has gone by quickly. I spent the first half of the day working on my first DVD title's box art then broke to meet with the agency that wanted a "meet-n-greet" to see if I was someone they could use as an outsource.

I must say that the closer that meeting got the more I was psyching myself into a state of anxiety. I was afraid that I would come away feeling humiliated and worthless. Ha. Nope! I really do need to have more confidence in myself. They liked me from all I could tell and I think they are going to have work for me to do. They even asked at the end of the meeting if I would mind working at their location or if I need to work off site. (That's a good sign.) I let them know that I was happy to work at their location and didn't live very far away.

Good meeting. By the way, I may feel lots of anxiety but I'm pretty sure I come across as confident for the most part. I know better than to show fear in front of my perceived dragons. lol

I then went to the grocery and spent $92. Ugh. It's horrible to have to be so guilt-ridden regarding what I spend and think wow, that's way too much.

I spent the next two hours combing my archives to get copies of more work that I'd done. The ad agency I'd met with asked if I had any more work they could see and specifically mentioned online display ads, of which I have MANY samples. I built a quick-n-dirty website to list a few dozen ads, formulated a "thank you for meeting with me" email and sent the link to the ads along with another pdf of work samples that I had recently completed.

Next I responded to the DVD art client regarding a few quotes he would like to appear on the cover. He promised the UK guy that he'd be able to see the art sometime in the next day or so. Ha! Pressure already. I love it though.

Now I'm finally adding a blog post and will get back to work on the DVD art once this is published.

I'm not out of the woods but certainly feeling like good things are within my grasp.

Meals today have been a Quest bar and bacon. I need to make something (maybe that low-carb shepherd's pie that I mentioned seeing on Angie's blog.)


  1. YOU GOGOGOGOGOGOGO girl! You are awesome - and I know you will do great!

  2. Thanks Anne. You are a very inspiring cheerleader! hehe


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