Tuesday, March 13, 2012

= boring work-talk alert =

I've been pulling together Flash pieces and laying them out in a quick html doc for reference during my 4:30 phone interview. I'm happy with what I've put together and am amazed by the amount of work I'd forgotten about over the years.

Next I jotted down a few "questions for the interviewer" since interviews tend to wrap up with a "Do you have any questions about us?"  type thing. Then I went to their website again for an overview of who they are / what they do and did some "inspect element" via FireBug on several of their pages to see what code they are leaning on for the builds. xhtml 1 … pretty old code. :/

*sigh* after all of that I don't know if this is the place for me. I don't like their website though I do like some of their work. I don't like the majority of their work but of those bits they are trying to push to the forefront, I like them and am even impressed. They do seem to do a lot of totally-Flash sites which is bad news these days. Flash is losing support (has lost support for continuation) and a site that relies upon it solely is going to find itself putting off a lot of viewers.

Okay, so anyway… I'm ready for whatever they ask and don't intend to make a snap decision if they make an offer. I don't even know how it will go yet. They may hate me. :P

I suppose I could be a little miffed that I've lost half a day of learning but buffing up my portfolio with an aside of online display ad work and Flash elements is something that I'm glad to have done.

Matt emailed to let me know that a client for one of the sites I've designed recently loves it. Matt always boosts my spirits. :)

Another client emailed again to ask if Thursday or Friday afternoon would be okay for me to meet them downtown to give more training. I'm trying to corral multiple things into Thursday so it doesn't become a week-long interruption.

Meals today total 17 carbs and 65 protein:
Quest bar (2 carbs)(20 protein)
Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
edamame (7 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)


  1. It's tough to know what to do: stick with the uncertainty of working for yourself (where you know a layoff will never be in your future) or go back to the tried-and-true "security" of working for someone else. I understand the attraction to a regular 9-to-5, but I honestly think you've got the drive, skill and talent to be a success on your own as well. I honestly think things generally work out for a reason, so maybe this is the beginning of a bright new path for you.

  2. Thanks Jack. I am in a flux of uncertainty. I am not impressed with them and yet don't know if it would be foolish to not pursue it. They seem to be mostly 20-somethings and a couple of early 30-somethings even though the company is nearly 13 years old. Though that doesn't throw up a stop sign it does makes me wonder about their depth of knowledge as a company on the whole. I also wonder if I would fit in (I'm no longer an early 30-something). I miss the guys I used to work with. :( He did say I could have a little time to go over their website and their culture and values and let him know if I am interested. I think I need to sleep on it and talk with Cro.


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