Wednesday, March 7, 2012

breweries & unrelated films

Today I made a protein shake! I used 8oz water, one of those tiny 2oz protein shots, a few ice cubes and two scoops of vanilla whey protein powder. Between the protein shot and the whey protein this shake is 51 grams of protein and 2 carbs. So simple, cold and yummy too.
pajama top 1

Brian texted me that the place he has been doing freelance for might have some web work for me. I am going to compose an email to his contact send a pdf of portfolio samples.

I called the brewery contact he passed on to me a few days ago (they apparently also want a website). Yay for potential work. :)

I told Brian I was going to have to buy him a beer and he said "Hey, it's tough out here and we've all got to take care of each other." What a super cool guy. I don't like beer (:P) but I definitely will buy him one next time we do lunch.

pajama top 2
One of my current website clients is away at a conference for the next couple of days but I'm expecting a Skype call this afternoon as he gets me content for the new horror film production company site. I'm hoping he has time to think about it tonight so the site can be live tomorrow for the conference. He isn't worried about it, preferring it to wait if it needs to, but we are so close it would be cool to have it live tomorrow.

I worked on several updates to the film festival site (which has nothing to do with the horror film site) for Matt and changed its parked domain to point to the live site. It's all back in order and ready to take film submissions for the 2012 festival.

update: another former co-worker of mine sent me a lead for a place that is hiring for web and it less than 1 block from where I had been working. That's really not a big surprise since there is a cluster of advertising agencies downtown. What is a surprise is that I'd never heard of this one. I guess if I get it I'll be able to meet the guys for lunch anytime I like. That would put a stop to my self-employment agenda and I'd be driving downtown every day again… but hey, money rules I guess. I'm not stopping what I'm doing in the meantime but applied on the on-chance that it might be a possibility. I can always offer my outsource services even if they don't work out otherwise.

Meals today total 13 carbs and 91 protein:
Quest bar (2 carbs)(20 protein)
edamame (7 carbs)
protein shake (2 carbs)(51 protein)
2oz Cream of Mushroom soup (2 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)


  1. Oh PJ top #2 looks warm! I'm cold today.

  2. They are both nice and warm but PJ top 2 wins for the soft and cuddly factor. Top 1 has longer sleeves (they cover half my hands when I type) but is form fitted everywhere else. Cro can't understand my love of long sleeves (he only likes short sleeved shirts for himself). I like warm and snuggly!


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