Monday, March 12, 2012

chugging along

News for today:

The agency that is one block south of where I used to work has emailed to set up time for phone interview (I told them any time tomorrow, Wednesday or Friday). I initially contacted them via email last Wednesday. They asked for salary requirement last Friday. This morning they have asked to set up a phone interview.
update: Tomorrow at 4:30pm it is.

Another client has asked for a one-on-one training session sometime this week (I told them anytime on Skype but if they need me to drive downtown Thursday afternoon is best for me (this will be value-added work since the site has been finished and paid for a good while ago). I have that phone interview for the career college instructor position Thursday.

i guess this is pear-shape
My horror film client should be back from his trip to the SXSW event and will likely have another dvd design for me to do this week along with potential website edits.

I should touch base with Matt regarding the client site I designed for his agency.

I should also make one more attempt to contact the brewery art guy that Brian forwarded info for. He hasn't replied to my email sent last week and in the name of not being a pest I don't think I'll try beyond a second email.

And yeah, it's only Monday morning. Today I will get as far as I can in another "two-week" (it will go much faster than that since I do marathon training) html5 / css3 training session.

Meals today total 15 carbs and 45 protein:
Quest bar (2 carbs)(20 protein)
protein shake (1 carb)(25 protein)
2oz Cream of something (maybe celery this time) soup with a tiny pinch of shredded cheese (6 carbs)
2oz Cream of something soup with a tiny pinch of shredded cheese (6 carbs)

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