Friday, March 2, 2012


I interviewed today and it went VERY well. I could see myself as part of that team even though I have great hopes for this freelance business. I spoke with Brian later today only to find out that he interviewed for the same company and for the same position! doh! I really can't see taking it away from him. He has three kids to support. I suppose I'll worry about that if the job is offered to me. Since I have been doing web design for several years and they are looking for a print designer I may not even have to face that situation. They did seem very interested though. They don't plan to make a decision until beginning of April so lots of things may change by then.

In the meantime, Brian has passed on a freelance contact for another website to me. So cool! I might get together with those guys (former co-workers) for lunch one day next week if they are available. Brian is going to give me a one-hour heads-up if so. Good thing I've decided to get up, shower, do make-up and get dressed just as if I weren't self-employed. Though I do know some friends who are self-employed pajama-style. I want to be ready for anything though!

Big shout-out to SheZug today. She is having surgery and getting her pouch (that she has affectionately named "Bertie"). Best of wishes, girly. I hope it was smooth sailing and that you are home and recovering!


  1. Glad all is well - as it should be here in Bloggie Land!
    You are so creative - I am sure you will just SHINE
    where ever you decide to plant yourself!

  2. Well, be sure that you don't turn it down thinking it's a you-or-him scenario because I'm sure there are other candidates as well. As always, I really can respect your looking out for others. How is your weekend going?

  3. Here's an idea: you get the job, then you hire Brian to go in and do the work for you. Of course, he'd have to dress up like a woman, but that shouldn't be a problem. Then you take 10% off the top for doing nothing. I'm a damned genius!


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