Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it Tuesday already?

I've almost finished my second website since v-day (the day I became self-employed). At first I thought this was going to be the client from hell but it's actually turned out to be a good experience and they are very happy with the work. And it's close to finished (for now… I think there will be more later).

Meals today:
- Quest bar
- edamame
- Six Star Protein Energy Shot (1 carb and 26 protein)
- 2oz (I weighed it to be sure) of Cream of Mushroom soup (2 carbs and a fraction of 1 protein)
- bacon later (20 protein)

I substituted a couple of items that SheZug might enjoy. That Protein Shot was a very small drink for SO much protein! The soup was filling to me but my meals are usually small. I know she wouldn't be able to eat the Quest bar, edamame and bacon right now (and likely wouldn't want to!)


  1. I would love a piece of bacon right now. Wonder if sucking on a piece would be illegal? ahh, better not.

  2. PS, I may have to look into those protein shots, the ones I got are much bigger volume wise and would take me an hour to drink at least.

    1 oz sip every 10 minutes!

  3. I guess Bertie is going to get her way!

  4. Somehow clients from hell aren't so hellish when they're YOUR clients from hell...


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