Thursday, March 8, 2012

oh the horror

A client just called me "Tracy-cakes". I guess that means he's happy. ^_^

I like having an office pet (well two office pets, but Critter sleeps all day). I put the jingle-bell collar on Buddy Cat during the day and when he's up and about it jingles and makes me happy. He does nap most of the day too though. When he gets up it's to complain that he wants more canned food. "MEOWWW!!!" *runs around* "No??… time for more cats naps until the other treat dispenser gets home".

Cro won a watch (not from these guys though). Maybe we can all win a MacBook Air. :) Who knows. I don't have as much luck with contests as Cro does. It's a contest from SitePoint (good web design resource site). That info has probably made you all bored.

I think the horror film site is about to go live. Let me know if you want to peek.

The weekend is almost here. Yay! Two days with Cro. :)

Back to Tracy-Co. stuff. Mostly css 3 / html 5 in between final edits and updates for this horror film website.

Meals today total 13 carbs and 65 protein:
Quest bar (2 carbs)(20 protein)
edamame (7 carbs)
protein shake (1 carb)(25 protein)
3oz Cream of Mushroom soup (3 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)


  1. autonomypics dot com (they only have only movie so far but it looks horror-ble!!! eek.

  2. oh that is not my kind of movie, but the website looks great!

  3. It's definitely not the type of movie that I could ever watch. Usually I try to immerse myself in a project in order to design for it. I'm glad this. One turned out well enough to make the client very happy without my having to do that! Maybe my revulsion of the subject matter was enough.


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