Friday, March 16, 2012

unexpected $$

The free training that I provided to clients yesterday turned into an upsale. :) They would like to have a few things added to their website (more than just adding photos or training them on how to make events posts). I'm proud to have taken all of the info, listened intently, promising to get back to them with what I feel the best solutions will be, AND broaching the topic of what will need to be additional charge (I'm not charging them for training or minimal upkeep, but this is new functionality).

me and my protein shake
They were very happy and felt it was more than fair and they sang my praises. They say that everyone who has seen their site loves it, that local media even complimented the site (they were featured on an Indiana business program recently). They both gave me assurance (without my asking) that they would spread the word about my work at every chance they get.

You can't buy that kind of marketing. :)

I also found out that the Ivy Tech position didn't list a salary, that they had asked for my salary expectation. I had given them the same expectation as what the ad agency paid me (this was well before the interview so my price didn't scare them away). I asked Cro last night how he felt about my still seeking a salaried job and he gave me a peek of insight into me. He said he knew that financial security was important to me and also knew that I could continue freelance no matter what I choose to do.

He is right. I want reward without risking everything. It's destined to come slower but I'm also less likely to loose my shirt as they say. I'm certainly not slowing down this self-employment effort in the meantime, but if I find a sweet position that seems secure I'm not closing my eyes to it.

And TODAY is Friday! Woot. :)

Cool! I just won a Siberia V2 headset from a twitter contest on I think they are running the contest all day by asking St. Patty's Day questions (most of them seem to be St. Patty's jokes so far). Google for an answer and tweet them. If I won I'm sure you can too. :)

Meals today total 10 carbs and 84 protein:
Quest bar (2 carbs)(20 protein)
edamame (7 carbs)(9 protein)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
bacon (20 protein)


  1. are you sick of protein shakes yet? I am!

  2. I'm not sick of them yet… but I have more options than you right now. You are losing at an amazing rate though, and you'll be able to tolerate more things with time. Hang in there! (I know, you HAVE to cause Bertie isn't going to be rushed).


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