Monday, March 26, 2012

unfinished post…

Today is a work in progress. I got up early in order to get to the grocery and back before Cro left for work. I made it! Just in time, he was just about on the way out the door.

The early grocery visit was due to the cat only having "life source bits" left in his dry-food bowl. Life-source bits are supposed to be the equivalent of pac-man's energy pellets but he is deft at picking out all of the normal cat food and leaving nothing but a bowl of bits. So, for the first time ever I put "yummy" above "healthy" when I shopped for cat food and got two brands that seemed to promise deliciousness. No hair-ball remedy, no "healthy aging" or senior brands. I passed up the Iams and didn't even think about Blue Buffalo this time. I suppose it's only healthy if he will eat it.

So I set the bag of Fancy Feast ocean flavors and the bag of Friskies Seafood Sensations on the foor for him to inspect. After giving each of them a good sniff he gravitated to the Friskies, giving it lots of cheek pets and purrs. That is what he is eating this morning. I also got him 5 packets of moist food (1 per day).

Picky cat!!!

Meals for me today: no idea. I had a carbmaster yogurt for breakfast and bought lots of tuna, a pound of lean ground beef, some Hebrew National beef franks and bacon.

No cheese this week! I've been leaning on that a bit much and I can do better.

And all that was about foods. Work today will be continuing the DVD box art.

Meals today total 5 carbs and 86 protein:
Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
2 pouches of light tuna in water (32 protein)
edamame (7 carbs)(9 protein)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
bacon (20 protein)

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