Friday, March 9, 2012


It's Friday!!! Yeah, even as a self-employed gal I am excited for the weekend to nearly be here. This morning brought me news of an interview next Thursday for a position as web and new media instructor for a career college. It also brought me request for salary requirement from that design firm that Dave put me in contact with a few days ago.

Though I'd like to make this self-employment thing continue and become my financial security I'm not closing my eyes to salaried opportunities that come along.

I've used this time not only to freelance but also to sharpen and update my skillset. Skillz will serve me in either scenario. Yesterday I was able to happily inform Cro that my html and css knowledge has finally entered the current decade. I think I was so happy and excited about it that I was probably a little annoying. Sorry honey. ;) HTML 5 and CSS 3, baby! :) I've gone from old-school tabled layouts to the ability to do all of my layout tableless and with css. All that's left is to build a few sites and get my coding speed up to speed.

I'm  out of edamame! Oh noes.

Wow. I have to rave over the soup I just had. I wasn't sure if it would be good but I bought a can of cream of onion soup a few days ago, inspired by SheZug's post-WLS dietary restrictions. O.M.Goodness!!! I heated a 2oz serving in the microwave and on sudden impulse, added a tiny pinch of shredded cheddar to the top. The cheese melted and transformed the onion soup into something that rivaled onion soup that I've had on one of the chef-created date lunches that Cro and I have enjoyed. So creamy-cheesy-oniony-yum.

Meals today total 15 carbs and 65 protein:
Quest bar (2 carbs)(20 protein)
protein shake (1 carb)(25 protein)
2oz Cream of Onion soup with a tiny pinch of shredded cheese (6 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)
2oz Cream of Onion soup with a tiny pinch of shredded cheese (6 carbs)


  1. are you enjoying your soup? I found cream of shrimp yesterday and bought it just because it is so weird. I can't imagine it would taste good. I'm scared to open it.

  2. I'm enjoying the soup very much (and enjoying the simple protein shake).

    Cream of shrimp would scare me too. Of course, when I think of "cream of" any animal it all sounds disgusting but I know "Cream of Chicken" is not actually the animal creamed ... it's chicken broth in a cream sauce. Cream of Shrimp sounds better that way. It might taste a bit like clam chowder, but not chunky. Let me know what you think of it.

  3. THAT's the way to do it. Cover all the bases.
    Keep the options open! YAY!
    Sounds kinda like a weight-loss plan, eh?

  4. web design ninja all*star (trying to cover all the bases). And weight-loss is just another curve ball.


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