Monday, April 30, 2012

Beltane Fire

Tonight is the eve of May Day which is a big Celtic Druidic holiday. So I mention it for my Scottish and German roots though I probably wouldn't even think about it 'cept for my Brit friend who emailed to remind me. :)

I read The Hunger Games over the weekend (well I have a tiny bit left but I'm sure I will read that tonight). In fact I was awake at 3am so I cuddled up with my ipad and read more until I was able to go back to sleep. Even though I had seen the movie the book was still compelling. A fast read too. I have books 2 and 3 on my ipad and I imagine I will read the complete trilogy before I'm able to stop. That's the way a good book should be.

Meals this week are going to be super strict. I've been getting lazy with recording my protein and carbs and so will nip that bad habit in the bud before it takes me out of wonderland. >:( I've worked too hard to get here and don't plan to let it go through neglect.

Meals today:
protein shake (20 protein)(6 carbs)
tuna (18 protein)
Quest protein bar (20 protein)(2 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)
2 string cheese


  1. The books are def whirlwind reads, except for the last one where they replace the "hunger games" tournament with a spelling bee. More educational, but nowhere near as exciting...

  2. I knew who this comment was from before I even got to your name. Silly clever guy. :)


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