Friday, April 20, 2012

Foster kitties?

I saw mention of our Indianapolis Humane Society taking in 33 pets that are without homes after recent severe weather and tornado damage. I've been thinking for a few days about donating to the human shelter or becoming a foster home and I think I am going to move on that.

After browsing the shelter's list of wanted donations I went though our huge supply of bath towels, rewashed a big batch so they would be extra fresh and plan to drop them off later today or tomorrow. I also might give some dry food that our picky Buddy Cat won't eat and the beef moist food that he turns up his nose at.

Cro has lots of experience working with rescue animals and caring for the retired circus tigers and his lynx house pet. And I grew up on a farm.

Offering a kitty or two a clean and quiet foster home while it recovers from surgery or raising some abandoned kittens until they are old enough for the shelter to offer for adoption is appealing to me. We have two rooms that are rarely used so I can give the kitties their own private space and not stress Buddy Cat by the presence of these fosterlings. Since I am home working all day now I can spare the time to walk into the other room and play with the foster kitty now and then, clean their litter, make sure they have food and water (or feedings if they are itty babies) and give them any medicines that the shelter vet has provided.

If it doesn't seem to be working out I can always stop after the first foster kitty goes back.

Cro warned that I may fall in love with them but though I'm sure I will, that doesn't mean I would adopt them. A temporary home while they heal or grow is all I can give. My Buddy enjoys the lack of stress by being an only cat. The foster kitty would not mix with him at all but have it's own private suite.

Even if I don't become a foster kitty parent I can at least drop off these clean and warm towels. ;)

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