Wednesday, April 4, 2012

*happy dance*

My first project from the new source has begun. I quoted it at least. This will be 3 two-sided sell sheets with 2 rounds of revisions and print management.

I'm having a mostly protein shake day.

Cro said he is going to start entering sweepstakes on his lunch. So far I've won:
- $80+ gaming headset
- $30 voucher for a Kentucky Legend ham (that's a BIG ham)
- a free sirloin steak dinner from Outback

It's all small stuff but it's still very fun to win things I can use.

Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)

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  1. pretty cool prizes! If you don't want to keep some of your prizes, you might be able to sell them on craigslist or ebay or amazon!


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