Thursday, April 12, 2012

in the middle

My morning has started slowly. Or more accurately, my breakfast was delayed because I jumped right onto the computer and became focused on work. It's 10:40 and I only just now made a protein shake. It's easy to become absorbed in work and to not look at the time until I've finished something.

In the middle of work again. More later.

May is almost here and that is the month when so many birthdays happen. Matt, Kon, my sister, and then there is mother's day to think about.

Wow. I just realized–and went to check my secret blog of MS crud to be sure– my 10th anniversary of multiple sclerosis is next month too. I was diagnosed in May of 2001. Holy cow. I guess that means it will be my 11th anniversary. Sure, I think about it everyday but it's just another thing in my life and certainly not the focus of everything.

I just finished retouching a client's personal portrait for him. I love photo editing. :)

Quest protein bar (2 carbs)(20 protein)
Protein shake (2 carbs)(35 protein)
Protein shake (2 carbs)(35 protein)
probably some ground beef

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