Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter po-po

Rather than an Easter egg, Cro found a gun in our hedges as he did some yard work this weekend. At first he thought it was a toy and picked it up. He quickly realized it was real and it was loaded. o.O He removed the clip and called the po-po to come and get it. How creepy to know that someone used our place to discard a weapon! I thought our neighborhood was a safe one but I guess there really isn't a completely safe place in the world.

In self-employment news I called the sell sheets project gal and she said she was more than pleased with my quote and will begin getting me materials tomorrow. *yay*

My DVD client is way busy and we haven't been able to connect more than in passing yet today.

So I visited a bank I've had my eye on and started a new checking account. After hearing about my self employment they recommended that I explore the possibility of their small business services. They have a no-fee small business checking option among lots of other services and will help get me set up with a DBA when I decide it's time to move forward with that. Very cool. For now I just want an extra checking account and it doesn't need to be a business account.

Protein shake (5carb)(25 protein)
Protein shake (5carb)(25 protein)
albacore tuna (20 protein)
Protein shake (5carb)(25 protein)
ground beef with shiratake noodles and shredded cheese (2 carbs)(20 protein)


  1. I was wondering where I dropped my gun...

  2. You don't need a gun to gather Easter eggs, silly!


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