Friday, April 6, 2012

spring singing

I'm happy that today is Friday. I caught myself singing today. That may seem like an odd observation but it is significant to me. I haven't done much singing in the last few years. Not because I don't like it but because I'm shy and I was rarely alone enough to let loose. I'm alone enough to sing now, lol. I was becoming rusty and could tell that it's true… if you don't use it you lose it". lalala!

The DVD guy has a bunch of hulu banners for me to create next week. I haven't heard back from the 3-double-sided-sellsheets gal yet but I'll give her a call Monday if I don't hear anything before then. It's a holiday weekend and I know lots of people are off work today.

Today I'll try to wrap up the two DVD box art projects or at least get them to where I'm happy with them.

I browned ground beef and ground sausage (spicy hot) and tossed in some well-rinsed shiratake noodles that were in the cupboard. It wasn't blow-my-mind yummy but it was quite good and will be a quick no-carb meal that will last a few days.

I worked out my projected finances and have enough in the bank to live for 7 months if I stop spending $400 a month at Kroger (what the heck?). I plan on adding to that savings of course but it's good to know where I stand.

Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
ground beef & sausage, shirataki noodles  (0 carbs)(20 protein)
pinch of parmesan cheese (2 carbs)
Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
ground beef & sausage, shirataki noodles  (0 carbs)(20 protein)

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