Thursday, April 26, 2012

too much melatonin is bad… m'kay?

Today is "The Hunger Games" movie day with Matt… well, late afternoon anyway.

I nearly caused myself to pass out yesterday evening. I'm uncertain what caused it but I've been taking melatonin because it helps me sleep very well. I take too many thinking that if one helps me relax, four or five will ensure a good night of sleep.

So I read a little about it today and doh, I guess it can cause all sorts of problems if taken taken above the recommended dosage. Low blood pressure is probably the one that got me? :/ Dunno.

It also may be messing with my visual clarity (I've been having a little more blur than normal in my right eye). Thinking it was just the dry eye thing I've been using the Restasis more often (every day rather than just when I think about it). My left eye sees perfectly so I don't really have any trouble.

I don't think I'll be taking more than one melatonin from now on and not every day. It does work to let me sleep but I'm not sure about side effects so I'll be careful. I am a dork.

*Angie, I'm not ignoring your email I just haven't gotten around to responding yet. ;)

More DVD box art to design and some website changes for another client is on the agenda.

Meals today:
protein shake
ground beef, ground sausage, red beans
ground beef, ground sausage, red beans
3 string cheese and 2 mini-packs of wasabe-flavored almonds (Matt's theater snacks)

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  1. Don't want to spoil your movie experience, but I was shocked when Harry Potter shows up to fight Katniss at the end. What a twist!


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