Monday, April 23, 2012

typical Monday

This has been a day and a half (as dad used to say after finishing a day filled with way too much to do).

I had two projects competing for my time today (not a big deal as this sort of juggling is normal to my line of work). Of course now the projects are from two separate clients so the juggling has to be in separate hands so they don't touch. lol - I don't know if that makes sense but basically neither deadline can effect the other and they both have to be treated with priority.

Again, no prob and I like it.

The third factor which neary killed my day was when my monitor simply shut down, went black, no warning. *poof* gone

Whaaa? Noooo!!!

I didn't mention it but I took a little tumble last Friday and in the attempt to not twist my ankle I let myself take an unplanned dive to the floor. My desk was in the way. I crashed into the side of my desk, bruised what felt like the entire right side of my body, broke the side of my desk (aarrghhh!) and left things in a jumble. The computer continued to work even though it was now sitting askew. I had work to do and no time to bother with it as long as it was working. I've felt rather battered and bruised since Friday but was finally able to sleep well last night.

Bad idea. Today things stopped working. I ended up having to call Cro at his work for help. Eventually things came back on and I was able to work and Cro didn't have to come home. I think I had an hour of stressful downtime.

In all of this computer-desk-monitor chaos I made revision to both projects, obtained a printer quote, made contact with a .NET developer for a future project, got files to the people who were waiting for them, sold a new project, got a quote for our stupid ash tree that is dead (attacked by Emerald Ash Borers) and even made meals for the week.

Now THAT was a day and a half.

ground beef, ground sausage, red beans
Protein shake (6 carbs)(20 protein)
bacon (20 protein)


  1. Well, between us both, we averaged out a full day of work. ;)

  2. That stressful downtime is enough to throw me over the edge! I feel like it's never going to be better and it just sucks so bad. Sorry you fell :(

  3. Jack - are you sure it wasn't a half day average?

    Angie - I felt very stupid for falling one step from my desk. I was in a hurry to get back there for some reason. But hey, I didn't twist my ankle so I guess it was worth taking the fall.


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