Monday, April 2, 2012

vroom vroom

That's the sound of my little self-employment thing revving up. :) It has been scary, no doubt. But I think, maybe, I'm going to be able to make something of this. Last week I was hopeful but had to face the realization that I really only have one steady client (the DVD guy) and that I needed more and was going to have to find a way to attract more. This week I think I'm going to make it. I have a small agency who is super excited to use me as their resource. I also received a call yesterday from someone who I used to work with at the big agency. This person is striking out on their own and wants me to be a resource too. That's two companies who will be finding clients and passing projects to me. I'm over the top excited about that and feeling positive about the future.

Today I'm working on DVD box art. I think you are going to become bored with hearing about that because it is ongoing. :) Finish one and another will be ready to hop on the plate.

I got word back that my latest batch of photos have been approved by one of the stock agencies. One photo was rejected for being "too grainy" and four or so others have a note to their customers that the photo is best used at small sizes. This is great feedback that I'll have in mind when I take more.

I made a 3-minute muffin for breakfast. It actually only needed a minute and 30 seconds in the microwave. Maybe it was supposed to be a 1-minute muffin. I dunno, I created it from memory.

1-minute muffin (5 carbs)(20 protein)
Carb Quick yogurt (4 carbs)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
Protein shake (1carb)(25 protein)
Bacon (20 protein)

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