Friday, April 27, 2012

…and may the odds be ever in your favor.

What happens to my hair a week or so after the salon. ;(
Yay for Friday!

The Hunger Games was very good though both Matt and I were left with a feeling that the ending wasn't really the ending. There are two more books so I'd say that assessment has to be correct.

Today will be DVD box art revisions and checking to be sure the other client's printed materials were delivered and if the print quality was satisfactory. We are trying out a printer and the results are yet unknown. I hope they turn out great product since they are wonderful to work with.

Friday, glorious Friday.

Ack - this new blogger interface is killing me. I have to go to different places to find what used to be on my dashboard (the feed that shows briefs of latest posts for example). Anyway, I just discovered that I can't see SheZug's blog anymore. Please please please add me back in. :) I miss reading your blog!

Meals today:
protein shake
Dreamfield's and cheese


  1. I don't get it: they let somebody at my office do a "Biggest Loser" competition but they nixed my "Hunger Games" one. That's not fair!

  2. i took the blog down for a few days while I was gone. I was having trouble getting posts to publish from my ipad &iphone. It will be back up and going by Sunday for sure.


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