Tuesday, May 15, 2012

be ever in my favor

I have a meeting tomorrow with a small agency to discuss becoming their resource for landing pages. Wish me luck! It would be absolutely cool to win this opportunity but I need to remind myself that I'll be fine either way.

Dad showed up at the end of my dreams last night. It was the last thing before I woke. I was preparing to leave for some event. Maybe I was going to be a tribute in The Hunger Games. o_O
I heard dad come home and pass the door of my room as I packed. He hesitated in the doorway for a moment and a wave of unconditional love washed over me. It was only a few moments but I could feel how much he loves me and will be behind me no-matter what.

A good dream and I think I'll apply it to this freelance challenge.

albacore tuna, 1 egg, 2TBSP parm, chives
Meals today: (50 protein, 23 carbs)

Protein shake with coconut milk (20 protein)(12 carbs)
Tuna cake  (15 protein)(2 carbs)
Tuna cake  (15 protein)(2 carbs)
pork rinds with cream cheese (7 carbs)


  1. You'll be great at your meeting. Just throw out some initials... HTML, PHP, LMNOP... and you'll be golden.

  2. good luck at the meeting. I gotta read that hunger games stuff... have you read it?

  3. SheZug - Thanks! The meeting was great. Yeah, I've read The Hunger Games. It's part romance, part scifi dystopian society. Cro hated the way the third book ended. I enjoyed the entire thing but yeah, the ending was a bit rushed and too Disney.


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