Thursday, May 17, 2012

buzzz buzzz buzzz

Too busy for words. My email is driving me nuts. For some reason I'm compelled to open, read and either label or delete them the moment they come through. I've always been this way and it makes me highly responsive to clients. But I've been getting an influx of non-actionable emails that keep breaking my focus. I should set up a few new filters to mark certain things as read and shuffle them off to their own folders and out of my inbox. That way I'll only be interrupted by clients and by trash.

Okay, art director's club e-newsletter, Communication Arts e-newsletter, Appsumo, AIGA, Live Nation, Groupon, Drupal Indy are all getting filters. It will take a few minutes to set them up but they will never distract me again!

Matt and I are finally going to celebrate his birthday with gifts and another movie tonight. We are going to see Dark Shadows (the new Johnny Dep vampire movie based on the old television series of same name).

I have much to do before then (including gift wrapping).

Meals today: (55 protein, 16 carbs)

Protein shake (20 protein)(5 carbs)
pork rinds with cream cheese (5 carbs)
Tuna cake  (15 protein)(2 carbs)
Quest protein bar  (20 protein)(4 carbs)


  1. Love your carbs... so low.... wonderful!

  2. I need to catch up on my movie theater time. Next weekend maybe.


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