Wednesday, May 23, 2012

feast famine

I've often heard that quip… freelancing is great but it's feast and/or famine. Today is a feast of work. I have a meeting for training on the cross-media marketing solution a client is going to use. This is a big deal to me and will be the beginning of what I hope will be lots of work.

I also got word that a website client is wanting to host with me (yay!), also wanting to make a ton of changes and additions and would like the site to be live Friday. Can do, but wow, I'm going to be as busy as a cat covering up… hmm, that isn't a very PC analogy. It's one my dad used to say though, lol.

So, the meeting is in an hour. I plan to get tons of revisions and additions done on the website project after that. I'm sort of hoping my dvd client stays out of the picture for the rest of the day but if not, that's why they make evenings, right? More time to get things done if needed.

Meals today:
protein shake
skinless chicken breast x2
red beans x2servings
probably a Quest protein bar later
*no cheese!*


  1. When I freelanced, it was always cat food or caviar. My advice? Make sure you're focused on down-the-road as well as what's currently on your plate and stay on top of billing and collections (people will treat you like a bank if you let them).

    It was also my experience that that 10% of my work was causing 80% of my headaches. Life got much better when I shed the work (and clients) that caused me pain and focused on what I really enjoyed doing.

  2. Great advice. I know I'm ultra-focused on the work and on doing whatever it takes to make clients happy. I also know that means doing a lot of extra stuff and always providing a positive option even if what they ask for is way too much. I'll price that too though if they insist. :P I know I have lots to learn but so far people have been fair with me.

  3. So thrilled to hear that freelancing is the way to go! I think more and more companies are needing freelancers these days and look at the cool boss you get!

  4. Angieloo - I found a new thing to worry over though… whether the work will keep coming in! It's a different worry (and less stressful) than wondering every single day if my company is going to tank and drop me. Since that happened I'm in Robinson Crusoe mode (doing whatever it takes to be self-sufficient). I'm loving it.


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