Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yay. I just finished something that was very close to being over my head. I stayed calm and plugged on through. I'm so happy that it's behind me now (I've not been sleeping well for the last two nights due to worries about how this will go). Over. Done. Success. Whew.

Cro grilled for us yesterday and it was HOT. He said it was well over 100 degrees where he was grilling. I'm glad he didn't end up with heat stroke.

We had marinated pepper steak skewers, marinated buffalo chicken skewers, and a mix of skewered veggies. Oh, and burgers… and I made oopsy rolls for low carb hamburger buns. They turned out beautiful but I think I still prefer lettuce wraps or just nude burgers (no bun, haha).

Meals today:
Protein shake
Grilled steak and grilled chicken and grilled veggies (from our charcoal grill)
Oopsy Rolls
slice of pepper-jack cheese
Quest bar


  1. In college I worked at Dairy Queen & we had to call back orders to the cooks. We had funny sayings for everything and my all time favorite was for the Dude Sandwich, a chicken fried steak sandwich. We had one customer who didn't want anything but the meat and bread. We would holler back over the loudspeaker, "I need a dude with no clothes on!" I just looked at DQ's menu and I guess that they took that sandwich off. Menu has changed a lot since I worked there, but then again, that was 20 yrs ago!

  2. "I need a dude with no clothes on!" lol


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