Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i should know better…

…than to post this early, before I have much to report. Ah well.

I went to the post office this morning in order to mail a mother's day card and a birthday card. My sister's birthday falls on mother's day this year. I guessing that mother's day is always the first Sunday in May. It doesn't fall on my sister's birthday every year.

Today will be setting up my new Wordpress framework software and trying it out. Also maybe some facebook business site design because I would love to offer that capability soon. I think that would draw some interest if I get on it quickly enough.

If it warms up enough to dry out the lawn I think I may do a bit of mowing later.

Matt and I are going to see Dark Shadows soon as the last part of his birthday celebration. I have gifts to wrap.

I've finished the last book of The Hunger Games and am in serious reading withdrawal. A new Stephen King book is next on my list.

Meals today: (64 protein, 22 carbs)

Protein shake (20 protein)(6 carbs)
chili (ground beef, chopped onion, red beans, spices (20 protein)(6 carbs)
Tuna cake with parmesan (24 protein)(10 carbs)


  1. My daughter got me hooked on Game of Thrones... that series will easily take you into the next decade...

  2. Jack - It may be the next decade before Martin finishes the next book. I've read all of them so far. Cro and I read them at the same time and had a lot of fun speculating where things were headed.

    At least we have the HBO series to watch for awhile. It's not new material but very cool to see how they bring it to life on screen.

  3. - BTW. Let Pisa know I think she has excellent tastes!


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