Monday, May 14, 2012


Ick. That's how I felt this morning but I feel peachy right now. I think I felt icky earlier because I left to get groceries first thing (even before having breakfast). I start feeling nausea when I do things like that before eating. I got what I needed and am back home and feeling fine after taking a couple of generic-brand Benedryl and drinking a protein shake. I wanted ginger tablets but I can't find them at Kroger. :( Ginger is very good for turning that "car sick" feeling around. Benedryl is too, but Benedryl also makes me sleepy.

Cro bought Buddy Cat a new dog-house-shaped kitty bed on Friday. It's made of fabric and look like Snoopy's dog house. He loves it. I've been waiting for him to try to access the roof but either he suspects it wouldn't hold his weight (and he would be right) or he's just too unsure about jumping that high. As a young kitty he would have already fallen through the roof. Maybe age has brought him wisdom. I doubt it.

I was "walking on sunshine" this morning (even though I can't stand that overplayed song). I was reflecting on how absolutely cool it is to feel so free now. Sure, I'm still in the building and making connects phase of this freelance thing, but I'm no longer scared sh*tless. (no, not scared Jack Sh*tless).

More later I suppose.

Meals today: (64 protein, 18 carbs)

Protein shake (20 protein)(6 carbs)
Quest bar (20 protein)(2 carbs)
Tuna cake with parmesan (24 protein)(10 carbs)


  1. I'm not scared of anything. Except failure. And spiders. And maybe heights (a little). And my creepy attic.

  2. I'm scared of your creepy attic too. eek

  3. Oddly enough, I've never been in an attic.

  4. Attics are where all the ghosts and ghoulies hang out when they aren't under the bed. It's also a choice place to store mutant children (ie Constance's son Beauregard in American Horror Story).

  5. I love attics and I squish spiders - and I zip lined!
    I even love crawl spaces.
    I wish you would post your fat intakes.... is that possible?
    And I'm glad you ain't skeered!

  6. I usually squish spiders too, but I've started to give them a little more of a chance since Cro prefers them to be relocated rather than squished. My hard is hardened toward them. :P

    Fat intakes… I guess I'd have to re-read your blog to even know what they should be. I do eat more fish and less chicken now. The fish is usually albacore tuna and when I do eat chicken it's skinless. I use EVOO liberally. And real butter. And spoonfuls of coconut oil every now and then. :9


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