Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday was horrible. I went to Kroger early to pick up some meats&veggies to grill this weekend. When I left I discovered my Jeep key was missing. The rest of my day was spent looking for the key and making arrangements to have a new key made.

Cro left work to pick me up. I dropped him off at his office and kept his truck for the remainder of the day. I called the closest Jeep dealership to see what I would need to bring to have a new key made. I thought they would just need the VIN but no, they said they couldn't make a key without my having the Jeep towed to their location. grrr! So next I called AAA since my membership provides 2 miles of free towing and $4 per mile over that. The dealership was only 2.4 miles away so that sounded great. But… the tow guy kept delaying over and over. They finally told me I should drive back home and he would call when he was able to meet me at the Jeep. Yeah, after I got home it was only 20 minutes before he called and wanted me at the Jeep. At the Jeep he told me he can't tow since he brought a large flatbed truck and he couldn't maneuver it in the crowded parking lot. He did walk the aisles of Kroger with me just in case we might be able to find the key. Yeah, this is a long story. In the end it was almost closing time for the dealership so I was to call AAA the next day for a tow truck and to ask for the smaller truck.

I picked Cro up from his work and it wasn't 5 minutes after we got home that I found my key. It had been in a forgotten pocket of my pack the entire time. Both GRRR!!! and YAY!!!

The one nice thing that happened (other than all of the sweet people at Kroger and AAA who tried to help me find the key) was something that also made me suspect the motive. A guy came up behind me in Kroger and said "Excuse me miss". I turned around and he said "You are SO pretty. I have something like a schoolboy crush on you."

I thanked him and he walked away (and so did I). I immediately checked my pack and pockets to be sure I wasn't pick-pocketed though. lol. Yeah, I'm suspicious. I asked Cro his thoughts on the incident and he asked if I have ever just walked up to someone and told them something similar. No, I haven't. I guess that means the guy probably was after something… but he didn't pick-pocket me and he didn't stick around so I dunno. I don't think I'm hideous so it wouldn't have been a dare. You know, "Go tell that ugly girl she is pretty so we can laugh."

Meals today: (60 protein, 20 carbs)

Protein shake (20 protein)(7 carbs)
chili! sort of (ground beef, onions, red beans, hot spices)  (20 protein)(4 carbs)
more chili! sort of (ground beef, onions, red beans, hot spices)  (20 protein)(4 carbs)
pork rinds with cream cheese (5 carbs)


  1. boy that was quite an adventure!

  2. He said that because you're cute, silly girl. I've had men and women make comments like that to me (very occasionally) and it just feels good.


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