Monday, May 21, 2012


I've spent the morning prepping for a future ongoing project. It seems like a lot of the making money on my own process is spent in preparation. :P

I guess that is key to this diet too… preparation. I made enough chicken and red beans for two meals today and have enough chicken in the fridge for to last through Thursday. I should have gotten another can of red beans though.

Meals today: (66 protein, 24 carbs)

Protein shake (10 protein)(5 carbs)
Artic Zero frozen ice cream "stuff" (14 protein)(4 carbs)
chicken breast (skinless)  (21 protein)
red beans (5 carbs)
pork rinds with cream cheese (5 carbs) 
chicken breast (skinless)  (21 protein)
red beans (5 carbs

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