Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ready… set?

Boring day but I accomplished the list of things I wanted to get done today. Tomorrow I have a meeting for an hour of training on building landing pages within the new online marketing campaign solution a client has contracted with. I'm hoping it turns out to be something I can do from my Mac because I read the discouraging news that it requires Explorer on a PC to set up the build right now. Explorer on a PC? Really? Even if that turns out to be the case I want to learn what needs to be done well enough that I can send the completed html to client and walk them through uploading it to the software's control panel. *grumbles more about the Explorer/PC restriction*

And now that I've lost your interest… I'm not making the best eating choices today. I foresee going back to the strictness of my 6-on/1-free plan again very soon. What is it that has to happen in my brain to turn on that strict-dedication feeling? Cheese is not a good choice for me and I know this.

Meals today: (40 protein, 20 carbs)

Protein shake (10 protein)(5 carbs)
Dreamfield's rotini  (10 carbs)
cheese (5 carbs) 
bacon (20 protein)

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  1. CHEESE IS ALWAYS A GOOD CHOICE! Sorry, that's the devil talking...


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