Thursday, May 10, 2012

time - work - critters

Today is going much more slowly than it has been all week. I looked up expecting the clock to say it was close to noon but was rewarded with 10:55. I guess I was distracted from the flow by a call from Constant Contact (email distribution service) that I didn't want to interrupt work and take. Ah well, I'm interrupted now so I'm making a blog post.

The horror film production website client wants me to investigate details regarding a storefront for the site. He wants to be able to sell the one title they have debuted on his site (they are already selling it in two other places of distribution). Since we planned ahead for this type of site expansion I will be excited to see it happen.

Ha - I took a few minutes to respond to emails and now it is 11:18. Time is moving again.

I'll wrap this up for now. Yay for Thursday.

My British friend just emailed to let me know he received a note from postal service that he has a package to pick up. I'm so glad that it got there. I was a little worried because it is a camping knife/tool and I wasn't sure if customs would allow that through.

I didn't get to mow the lawn yesterday (it was a bit chilly anyway). I don't know if I will have time today but it looks much warmer out there.

Critter is due for a habitat freshening. I think my break today will be time to do that. He is always such a happy little guy when his house is all fresh.

Meals today: (64 protein, 26 carbs)

Protein shake (20 protein)(6 carbs)
chili (ground beef, chopped onion, red beans, spices (20 protein)(6 carbs)
Tuna cake with parmesan (24 protein)(10 carbs)
half of a Fig fruit thin cookie (4 carbs)

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  1. Time flies only when you don't want it too


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