Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I had 28 carbs yesterday. That isn't much really but it's way more than I normally consume so I made promises to self on what I'm allowed to have today. *sigh* I've already had one protein shake and chili so have one more protein shake and a can of tuna left for the day.

I purchased a WordPress framework that was on sale today. The developer license (which is what I purchased) will allow it to be used with unlimited client sites.

One of my DVD box art projects is nearly finalized.

Next on my agenda is to build a small WordPress site and move it from one server to another. I will have to do that for reals at some point and I want to be familiar with the how-to's.

I'm hoping for the grass to grow faster so I can mow again. Mowing the lawn is a great way for me to get some sun, get out of the house and away from my desk for an hour, and feel like a real human being. I'm loving this new life and only hope the money to support it will be there for me in the months to come.

I've fostered enough relationships that I think I'll have at least 3 clients who will bring me continual work.

If I could make a few satellite deals for single-project clients that would be even more cool. I have maintained relationships with the two I created websites for last year… That sparks an idea. I can think of one other that I did a website for several years ago that I should reconnect with. They haven't updated the look since I first created it and are overdue for a new site.

All of this freelance talk has to be boring to read. Just know that I started this foray into self-employment in total terror.

I have successfully migrated a WordPress site from one server to another. I am SO happy! I was afraid the new site would continue to point to the old database rather than the new one. After testing both sites the changes made on one don't effect the other. :) That means that the new site is pointing to the new database. Success! And a big amount of worry off of my mind. I read so many horror stories about how difficult it is and how confusing it is and how I will have to manually adjust permissions for each file. Smooth sailing!

Meals today: (64 protein, 22 carbs)

chili (ground beef, chopped onion, red beans, spices (20 protein)(6 carbs)
Protein shake (20 protein)(6 carbs)
Tuna cake (24 protein)(10 carbs)

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