Thursday, June 14, 2012

disturbing chicken

The burn didn't blister and is nothing but a red mark today. It doesn't even hurt.

Hopefully today will go quickly since yeah, I'm ready for the weekend. I made amazing strides toward finishing one of the websites (oh, and was asked to quote another one… cool!). My goal is to have it finished before Matt and I leave for the movie this evening.

Buddy cat is miffed at me for not having tuna (which he likes to share) for breakfast this morning. Sorry Buddy but I need to make an attempt to finish that disturbing chicken.

Since I know there will be theater snacks from Matt I am just going to plan for those now. Darn cheese and nuts! I don't want to seem too weird by changing what Matt knows to be my restriction to something even stricter in his presence. :P

SO MUCH to do today. AARRGGHH!!

roast chicken & red beans (20 protein, 8 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)
cheese stick at theater (1 carb)
almonds at theater (4 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)



    I think of the opening to this song now whenever a burn happens.

    Movie details please! I'm trying to decide on what movie to go see this weekend.

  2. FIRE! lol

    Matt and I both loved Prometheus. It's a good match to the first Alien movie and not corny like some of the ones in the middle. I haven't watched the first one in AGES but Matt recently re-watched it in expectation of this movie and was happy that he did. It's gotten mixed reviews with some people being confused about what happened and some hating it. We don't understand the confusion and loved it!


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