Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday and thoughts on procrastination

Prometheus was great. Much better than I thought it would be and the 3D was tastefully done so it added rather than detracted. I've heard that lots of people were confused and didn't "get" it but neither Matt nor I can understand what was confusing. It did leave us discussing theory at the end and wanting to know more about this mythos' history, but that's just part of what made it good.

I have both a known project to complete that could potentially take my whole day and another hot project that will require learning and building. So which am I in the mood for today? I think I'll start plugging away at the known stuff and see if the mood for learning comes upon me later. I'll have to work on the learning&building thing Sunday if I push it aside today. Yeah, I procrastinate but is it really procrastinating when I put something off to work on something else that is equally hot and has a deadline? It is, but the known stuff is due Monday so I have a good excuse for working on it first.

I haven't heard from my DVD client in a few days. He is working from California this week so I imagine he might be busy enjoying the visit and Indiana might not be at the top of his thoughts right now. *shrug* He knows where I am and will Skype when he needs me. <3 Skype.

I let Buddy cat go outside yesterday while I got the mail. He never ventures away from the front steps but does like to sit at the bottom and eat grass (nutty cat!). The grass inevitably comes back up later and so I have to clean it up. Unfortunately the grass came up at the end of Cro's bed last night as he slept. He woke up to tell me that Buddy threw up at his feet. :( My fault. I stripped the blankets and through them in the wash this morning so they will be nice tonight.

tuna (10 protein)
bacon (20 protein)
bacon (20 protein)

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