Wednesday, June 20, 2012

go slowly

I worked until nearly 10pm yesterday and was up extra early this morning. For a change I'm wishing my work-day time to go slowly. I'm under the gun with a stressful "gotta learn how before I can complete it" project along with a couple of regular deadlined projects as well. I love it though and am feeling excited that I'll have a handle on this new stuff by end of day tomorrow (knock on wood).

Matt was in an auto accident yesterday (he's fine and so is the driver that hit him). His car is a total loss though. It's an odd feeling to look at that mess of metal and think of how he and I were happily chatting on our ride to and from the theater only a few days ago. That feeling is nothing compared to how I would have felt if I had lost my friend. :(

8am - one egg
Quest bar (too busy to stop and make something for lunch)
chicken (white meat, no skin)
brussels sprouts (oven baked)

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