Friday, June 8, 2012


Matt and I enjoyed seeing Snow White and the Huntsman. Matt said it was sort of a cross between Legend and Lord of the Rings… not as good as either but still good. There was a scene when the evil brother of the evil queen is sliding his hand up Snow White's nightgown and I heard Matt say "stop it!". lol, that made me laugh silently in my head. LIH instead of LOL.

Matt brought us almonds, walnuts and cheese to snack on during the movie so my meat-n-veg week was slightly sullied. Ah well…my promises to self don't rule me when it would be rude not to accept.

Today is a busy day!!! Cro isn't feeling well but went to work anyway.

light tuna in water (16 protein)
bacon (20 protein)65g of ground beef & sausage (10 protein)
2tbsp diced yellow onion (2 carb)
bacon (20 protein)


  1. Hope Cro feels better soon. Make sure to watch my video this week, I give you a shout out!

  2. He is feeling only slightly better as he leaves for work this morning. He thinks it might have been food poisoning. :( Whatever it is, I hope he gets back to normal today. I left you a message on your blog. :)


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