Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I fumbled my straightening iron this morning and caught it with a knuckle. *sizzle* I used some Traumeel cream on it, which provided an instant "ahhh" from the intense cold sensation. I don't think Traumeel is meant for burns but there probably isn't anything I can do other than stop fussing over it and hope it stops hurting.

I have a phone interview this morning for a job that I applied for awhile back but don't really want. I suppose I'll be cordial and see what they have to offer (being rude isn't in my nature anyway). If they make it sound good and promise me a nice salary it may pique my interest. Mainly I have a new project and a few unfinished projects on my mind. It's nice to not really care about an interview. No worries other than the typical social anxiety of having to be judged.

Matt and I are going to see Prometheus tomorrow after work. Scary! I hope it's good. It seems that we have fallen into the habit of a standing movie night. We've seen one after work on Thursdays for a few weeks now. It's a very nice break from the week of staring into the depths of my computer monitor and nice to shake off the house-bound feeling that comes with trying to make a living from this desk.

tuna (15 protein)
roast chicken & red beans (20 protein, 8 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)
bacon (20 protein)


  1. There is no interview easier than for a job you don't really want, and that peaceful, easy feeling usually translates into a super interview that makes them want you even more. Throw a little attitude in there and you'll probably get a kick-ass offer on the spot!


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