Monday, June 25, 2012

Snakes & dragons

Wow, it's Monday again. I got up at 5 this morning since I need to work on this project and didn't feel like working yesterday. I dreamt that I was writing a short story and funny but I remember what I was writing. Maybe I should jot it down and finish it sometime since it was so very vivid.

As a reminder to self it was a horror story about a guy named Stevie. He was in his late teens and his mother forced him out of the house to get his own apartment (for his own good and to help him mature and become self-sufficient). Stevie was writing a proposal to describe a self-propelled lawn mower that he was creating. The lawn mower was to achieve a demonic self-awareness as Stevie achieved his own self-awareness. Woe to the mother who pushed him out is all I can say.

Story-writing behind me as I am working on an email design right now. Well, not right NOW but before and after I finish this blog post.

Today is Cro's birthday!!! He let me know that he'll be working late again today. :( I hope his work day goes by quickly and that he can enjoy a nice, slow happy birthday evening. His real birthday gift is going to be snake habitats and snakes. My guy has a great interest in reptiles since he did his BS in herpetology.

Because I wanted him to have a birthday gift in the meantime (it may take him a bit to find the cages and the snakes that he wants) I got him a couple of gifts to open on the weekend of, and day of. An Xbox 360 and the game Skyrim. It looks very cool on our big flatscreen TV. :) I also got him a pair of Oakley sunglasses to replace a pair that were stolen years ago.'

Matt just emailed that he'd like to see the Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter movie Wednesday night if I'm willing. He also says he will have his new car picked out later today. Yay!

8am - chicken breast
10am more chicken and half a Cart Smart yogurt
1pm Quest bar
3pm more chicken
8pm a burger without bun, but with some cheese and cayenne pepper

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