Thursday, June 21, 2012


I worked late again yesterday. I'm not wishing for my work-day time to go slowly but I do have loads to accomplish is a small amount of time. I now have a handle on the new stuff (YAY) so all that is left is to build it all. :P Yeah, I'm being slightly facetious in that the hard part (learning new stuff) is over but the hard part (designing and building it) is yet to do.

I had the co-pilot meeting this morning but they were having server problems so he is calling this one a freebie (rescheduled for Monday in hopes that they get their server bugs cleaned out in the meantime. I took advantage of the freebie by asking him all I needed to know anyway, lol. So I got the info I needed and am getting the rescheduled meeting so they can go over everything super-fine before it launches.

I've probably lost you but just now that I've been tremendously stressed, in the dark and groping to learn something that has a deadline even though I was walking toward it blind. Now that I know how it all works I feel empowered… still stressed but no longer walking blind.

Learning this stuff gives me a huge edge in being the go-to person for future campaigns in this format.

I mowed the back lawn for half an hour just to take a little break. The lawn needed it but I needed the break more.

8am - a few pork rinds
10am chicken (white meat, no skin)
10am brussels sprouts (oven baked)
2pm - a few more pork rinds
probably more chicken and brussels sprouts later

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