Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I pulled the meat off of two roasted chickens and mixed it with red beans. As I was pulling the meat off the bones I discovered that part of the poor chicken hadn't been plucked thoroughly. It was roasted with remnants of feathers still attached. :( That shouldn't turn my stomach, after all I can remember grandma ringing a chicken's neck and plopping it into a bucket of steaming hot water for several minutes to make it easier to pluck. Grandma made the most wonderful chicken and dumplings in the world. She never roasted one with remnants of feathers on though.

The lack of care involved in preparing the roasted chickens I buy from the grocery was very apparent as I pulled the meat (and skin too after that discovery!) from my not-so-well plucked purchases. And now I've probably put you off of chicken for awhile. :P

Cro and I watched the season finale (of the first season) of True Blood last night. Oh I hope Lafayette isn't gone from the show. It appears he might have become lunch for Bill the vampire. I don't think Bill-the-V would have done that though. I suspect the pig lady had something to do with it. I guess I won't know until we watch season two.

protein shake (10 protein, 6 carbs)
roast chicken (sans-feathers!) & red beans (20 protein, 8 carbs)
bacon (20 protein)
bacon (20 protein)

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