Friday, July 20, 2012

bonus time!

Oh my, it's difficult to focus on working when the weekend is so near at hand.

I had a meeting this morning and have a new website to design. Two more DVD box arts to do before end of the month and another by mid August.

But it's almost 3pm and it's nearly the weekend! I'll likely work until late but at 5pm, a majority of the business world seems to clock out. Working at that time feels like bonus time … like a forgotten $20 bill in a winter jacket pocket.

Food today:
Pork rinds
Ground beef and hot spices
Dreamfields rotini


  1. How do you handle weekends, since you don't typically blog on those days? Are you still doing free day Saturday or what?

    Just curious! Hope you are off to a great week, Miss Oct!

  2. I'm still doing the 6 strict and 1 freeday thing. Sunday is always the toughest day since it's a strict day right after free day!

  3. Yeah, having a free day to look forward to really keeps me in check the rest of the time or whatever...:)


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