Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm working on a website this morning and waiting for a client call to discuss. So far it's a ho-hum day.

The cat is sleeping about 10 feet away with his head turned in my direction. Whenever he hears me get out of my chair he is on his feet and ready to follow. I'm sure he is hoping that I'll make a turn into the kitchen where he can stand beside his moist food bowl and ask for something more. I treated him with Fancy Feast kitten food this morning. I'm not sure if kitten food is a special treat or not but it's something different and so he seemed to like it. Tomorrow he'll get a can of moist food for adult cats as his treat. He is so picky! Anything fish is the best best since he will turn down beef and turkey. Chicken is always a gamble (sometimes he likes it and sometimes not).

Yeah, I talk about the cat too much. :P The hamster sleeps most of the day so there isn't much to talk about regarding him. And I am still loving this work-from-home thing. It's so nice not to have to drive downtown every morning. My clients are usually in touch daily so that helps keep the lonely and isolated feelings at bay.

In my dreams last night I was betting on horse races. I've not ever done that but the track was the one from a game world Cro and I used to frequent ten years ago. It's fun how the game world takes on the aspects of reality in a dream (I was actually in the game world rather than driving my avatar). Okay, I'm probably nerding you all to sleep. I thought it was cool. (cool as in awesome, not as in chilly) I guess it's not cool to say "cool" anymore. ah well. :P

Meals today: (14 carbs)
ground beef, ground sausage, red beans (4 carbs)
ground beef, ground sausage, red beans (4 carbs)
pork rinds and cream cheese (6 carbs)


  1. I am also on a low carb and low sugar diet. I love the post about the cat. I have my dog at work with me everyday.

  2. Pets seem to act as a stress buffer for me. There is nothing like patting a warm, cuddly animal who loves you without end to put things in perspective. :) Thanks for the comment, Debbie.


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