Wednesday, July 11, 2012

daylight, moonlight

Loads of work and I'm in a happy mood. I wish it would rain though. My front lawn is 80% dried-out brown grass and the tree in front is even showing signs of great thirst and yellowing leaves. The temperature outside is wonderful though. 90º days and 70º evenings.

I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels that the True Blood HBO series is based upon. Cro and I have been watching the HBO series as well. The books differ just enough that it's like seeing an enhanced view with slightly alternate versions of what is happening. Well, semi-slightly. It's like having the story relayed by two unrelated people who have different perspectives and therefore different opinions on what is important to remember. Some characters who are a major focus in the television series play a minor role in the books and visa versa. Anyway I'm sucked into both the novels and the television series for their own separate virtues.

I browned ground beef this morning, diced an onion to mix in and added lots of hot spices as well as a can of red beans. I even portioned it out into six meals and have it all stacked in the fridge. Easy to grab and heat up and no need to wonder what I'm going to have. I like the simplicity and am able to focus on things other than what to eat within plan.

Matt and I plan to see the movie Moonrise Kingdom tomorrow evening. I hadn't heard of this one but Matt is excited so I'm sure it will be worth seeing.

Meals today:
tuna (10 protein)
pork rinds
a serving of ground beef, diced onion, red beans (20 protein, 7 carbs)
a serving of ground beef, diced onion, red beans (20 protein, 7 carbs)
more pork rinds

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