Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I zipped into the grocery this morning thinking that it should be fairly quiet, being early Tuesday and all. WRONG. Gobs of people were at the store shopping for their grill foods.

Today is another meat meat meat day.

So many low-carb items would have tempted me if I weren't determined that today would be meat-only. I still bought a few things but will keep out of them until tomorrow. I got ribeyes, marinated cube steak, brats and Hebrew National hot dogs for the grill tomorrow. I think Cro is going to pick up some chicken and veggies tonight. I got Fritos for him and pork rinds for me, hot dog buns for him and I'll eat my meat with a fork. Whipped cream on top of low-carb yogurt, topped with almonds will be a yummy dessert for me and cheesecake for him.

It's so hot this year that I think we'll spend most of the holiday in the air conditioning. Speaking of hot, I should mow the back lawn. It's looking shaggy.

Meals today:
Kentucky Grilled Chicken breast and 1 wing
a few pork rinds

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