Thursday, July 19, 2012

how dry

The morning was dark and gloomy. Rain! Much needed for my poor, brittle and orange lawn. Indianapolis has been on a watering ban since Monday, due to the drought. No watering lawns and no washing vehicles at the house with water hose. I told this to my British friend and he suggested that I water the lawn with a sprinkling can and could use that — rather than a hose – to wash and rinse my car too. lol! The watering ban has nothing to do with how it's distributed. It's a ban on using water itself other than for household necessities. It's sad to hear *crunch* *crunch* under my feet when I walk out to get the mail. Cro says it will grow again once there is enough rain and that the grass roots are still alive.

Lots of work to do so I'll get back to it.

Meals today:
ground beef, ground sausage, diced onion and red beans
pork rinds
Dreamfield's rotini

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