Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh Wednesday…

Much to do and yet which should I start on first?

Okay, I've reviewed the list, four multi-spoked projects from one client in various stages of finished, ready to start and waiting for specs; and four projects from another client, also in various stages from finished to waiting for others to make time to meet. I'm going to take the reins on a couple of things because I've found that waiting for others often ends up with the others saying they don't have time so just go with what you think. ~_* that is supposed to be a smilie-wink

I started the early morning with a brief bout of industrialness on the house-cleaning front. I should teach the cat to run the vacuum or get one of these (Cro loves this video of a dog-swatting cat on a roomba)

ground beef and sausage, diced onion, red beans (x3)
pork rinds
Dreamfield's rotini


  1. ~_* is a smile-wink? I've always used that to indicate a worm fighting a starfish. Can we get a ruling so we can all get on the same page?

  2. worm fighting a starfish, hmmm. I'll try to remember.


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