Monday, July 16, 2012


Today is starting off super lousy.

It's too damn hot. I just finished getting out of my hot clothes and boop! I get an email asking if I can make a meeting at 1:30. It's at the client's office so I have to get dressed again, lol. I'll focus on cooling off for the next hour and then I need to be dressed and will have to leave.

MS sucks when it's hot! :) But for now I'm sitting here in a sleeveless shirt and capri pants and barefoot with two small fans circulating the air in the room. Things should cool off soon.

I guess I'm too hot because I went to the grocery this morning, just finished putting away all of the groceries and started meals for the week (ground beef and ground sausage mixed with red beans and hot spices). The kitchen is therefore hot hot hot. :P I left the meat to brown on low so I don't have to be in there with it for awhile.

My MS has not given me much to complain about for a good while and I hope it shuts-the-heck-up and leaves me alone for the rest of the week.

Sorry about the complaints! Venting made me feel better, lol.

I'm back from my meeting and back to barefeet, a tshirt and capri pants. I'll be cool again in no time. :) It's always fun meeting with clients (now that they are MY clients rather than me having to go through a dozen other people. I love being in direct contact and being the one to make the promises rather than the one to fulfill someone else's promises who might not have had any idea what they were promising, ya know.

Meals today:
Pork rinds and cream cheese
ground beef and sausage with red beans (x3 meals)


  1. The fact that they are YOUR clients makes it so much more bearable, huh??

    Capri pants are the bomb on days like this!

  2. Absolutely! I used to have tons of anxiety prior to meetings when I worked for the agency. Meeting a client is nothing but joy now. They and I are not only on the same team, but have tons of respect for each other. Every meeting leaves me smiling all the way home.

  3. So glad you are happy with your own business. :)

  4. Me too! And so happy that your VSG? is going so great! Proud of you, girl! And you are looking FINE (meaning hot!).


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