Thursday, July 26, 2012

still here… still busy

I see that I haven't made a blog post since Monday! That is an indication of how busy I've been this week. I also have a terrible face-rash! I fell victim to a combination of sensitive skin (which I've always had) and leaving a "look years younger! do-it-yourself hydroxy acid treatment". I put it on and then went back to working on a project. 20 minutes later I decided I should stop working for a moment and go wash it off. It wasn't supposed to stay on more than 10 minutes so… yeah. Ouch.

I've been going without make-up to try to keep my face from being irritated futher but I had a client meeting yesterday and so had to do make-up or look like a zombie-face. :P Today, no makeup and no meetings. Just hiding in the house and working. The client meeting went very well, btw.

Meals today:
pork rinds


  1. You have to qualify "client meeting went well"... for me, sometimes that means I punched client in the face...

  2. I count them as going well when I don't say anything that I'll think about with an "awkward" later. I try not to punch them in the face either. ;)


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